Our Men’s Groups are here to help
you have A Healthier Life.

Relationship & Fitness

Strength With Purpose

Combining relationship discussion groups with fitness classes, RVA4 Fitness challenges men and women to be the person God created them to be. Physical activity can reduce the effects of anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. Increased physical fitness can have an impact on increasing one’s self concept, cognition and confidence. Exercise can decrease the various negative factors that stress has on one’s overall health in body, mind, and emotions.
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Fee $30 per session. Insurance is not accepted.

Sexual Addiction

The Goal

Understanding the impact upon marriage relationships, sense of wellbeing, spiritual commitment and social isolation through accountability and encouragement man to man.

Pastoral Groups

Strict Confidentiality

Weekly discussion groups for Pastors and ministry leaders. Consultation regarding leadership issues conflict resolution and staff management. These services are often supported by community business leaders and individuals interested in the health of Christian ministry. Services are confidential and provide a place for leaders to be open and receptive to accountability and encouragement.

Fee: Sponsored by local businesses. No charge.

Retirement Groups

Retirement groups are offered in partnership with RVA4 FITNESS. We discuss setting goals for the future and challenge ourselves through physcial fitness workout.

Fee:$30 per session, insurance is not accepted.

Anxiety Disorder Groups

Anxiety, worry, and fear affect nearly a quarter of our teenage and young adult population and a growing number of people over 50. Participating in a group teaches coping skills and offers a sense of belonging. This is proven to be one of the best treatments available for anxiety.

Fee:$30 per session, insurance is not accepted.


Our seminars are based on a teaching model designed to offer the opportunity to learnself-awareness and leadership skills with the goal of experiencing healthy relationships. We believe emotional maturity requires understanding the truth about who you are and how you were designed to function relationally. We can facilitate a seminar on on a variety of topics at your request.


Over the years we have provided get away experiences for pastors, ministry leaders and men and women interested in learning self-care, boundary setting, decision-making, marital relationship skills and problem-solving skills. We utilize rustic settings, campgrounds and high-end retreat and conference centers. We are happy to design a get-away event for your groups or organization.