Our Groups are here to
help you have A Healthier Life.

Men's Groups

The purpose of weekly meetings is to help men learn self-awareness, relationship skills and decision-making skills. Through the process of spending time and telling the truth to a small number of trusted peers each man has the opportunity to gain improved emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity.

Women's Groups

The purpose of weekly meetings is to teach how current relationship dynamics are influenced by self-image developed from early years in family of origin. Through teaching, support, and the development of trust; great progress can be made in the ability to experience healthy relationships.

Addiction Treatment - IOP

An addiction treatment program that fits your schedule. Diamond’s intensive outpatient program allows clients to continue working, maintain their current living situation and improve their relationships while receiving services locally.

Diamond partners with Christian Counseling Associates, Inc. to provide evening services. Adults age 18 and older with substance use disorders 12 hours of group therapy p/week (four, 3-hour evening sessions) 

Admission based on patient assessment (provided free) Most major insurances IOP

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